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SLR Open Beta v0.3 Update

Time for the newest update!

As usual, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to address your concerns, feedback, and contributions to our platform. Sonny and the development team continue to learn about the best way to get the most useful and honest information to you, our audience. The team has accepted and embraced the fact that this learning process involved changes to the way our platform works. That being said, we have several exciting changes and improvements to go over with this latest update. Here we go!

Qualified Resident Contact Process

We learned that operators don’t always answer their phones. Hey, they’re busy, and aren’t always sure that potential residents are a great fit for their property. Wouldn’t you rather have the operator of the sober living you’re staying at focused on your recovery instead of fielding potentially time-wasting calls? We would, and we’re confident you would agree with us. To that end, we’re adding a new process called the Qualified Resident Contact Process (QRCP) to help provide the most qualified potential residents to cash-only sober living homes that are ready to provide them with a place to stay. We have found that most of the time, our involvement in the process becomes necessary as we end up providing a guided use of our platform to find the best sober living home, anyways. Since we’re already involved, we have built a formal process around this to help us control the quality of residents applying to properties.

Simplified Property Locations and Listings

We made several changes to property listings, the data we use to determine location, and the way the process vets the location of specific properties.

Operator Address Control Improvements

We are preserving the ability for the operator to denote that they are hiding their exact address, but we are giving more control to the operator over exactly what is shown to the public, instead of a strict interpretation like we were using before. This will allow locations like “Greater Los Angeles Area, CA”, instead of the more specific “Los Angeles, CA”. The ability of property operators to provide less-specific data like this encourages their participation in the platform by providing additional control over unwanted exposure risks.

Simplified Add a Property Form

New properties added to our directory will only require two fields: Name & Address. The form will require an exact address, which will not be shown to the public at any point after submission. This data is sensitive, and should be protected. However, we must require the exact address in order to verify ownership of a property during the property claim process. When a property is submitted to us, our standard process is to display only the City and State provided by the submitter. Ultimately, the control over the publicly displayed address remains with the verified operator of the property.

Simplified Property Listings

We have made significant changes to property listings. A refined design places information in places where you need it most. We are continually refining the look and feel of our platform, to feel more modern, easy to understand, and quick to inform.

New Elements:

  • Property operator nudge feature
    • Only available to verified resident users
    • Only one nudge allowed per resident per month
    • Nudge notifications are sent to SLR, who then reaches out to suggested operator
  • Sticky action bar
    • Contact Now
    • Leave a Review
    • Back to Directory (visible on desktop only)

Modified Elements:

  • Combined bed listings (shared & private)
  • Gallery is now its own section
  • Reviews responsive design improved for tablet & mobile view

Removed Elements:

  • Manager details section & data
  • Bed Information:
    • Estimated Square Footage
    • Real-time availability (unused by operators)
  • Content mentioning “waiting for operator” has been removed for empty data fields

Changes to PRO for Operators

We are building this platform with a particular goal in mind. That goal is to provide access to and information about cash-pay sober living homes to prospective residents. This kind of resource does not exist, and there are many market factors that apply pressures that attempt to prevent resources like this from existing. Indeed, there are a great many resources available to entities that don’t qualify as cash-pay properties. After introspection and consideration, we have decided to make changes to the features we are restricting to PRO properties.

The following features are now available to all operators of any (free) claimed property in our directory:

  • Operators can respond to reviews with the free claim
  • Operators can provide property descriptions with the free claim
  • Operators can provide bed availability with the free claim
    • At least one bed must be added to claim a property so we know your “starting from” price
    • We have reduced the number of fields required to add a bed: room type, bed type, price and term
    • After your claim has been approved, you can remove the one bed you added if you prefer to hide your starting from and bed pricing information

The following feature is new and intended to improve the PRO process for operators:

  • You can now sign up for PRO from the website

Final Words

We are constantly refining our processes and design and looking for ways to become an ever more valuable resources to our Community, driven by our desire to provide safe and helpful information on finding a Sober Living home during recovery. You can provide feedback during this beta period here, and can help the rest of the community by sending Nudges, adding new properties to our database, and leaving reviews for properties we have listed.


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