Beta v0.4

SLR Open Beta v0.3.3 Update

We’re back with more improvements!

Time for another update!!! In continuing to chase our goal of building the most helpful public resource for residents to find the safest sober place to live, we’ve made additional refinements and tweaks to make the SLR experience that much better.

You will no longer be required to verify your Resident account to engage fully with the platform! You will still need to sign up for an account to add properties, review properties, and comment on reviews. Information provided in the previous verification form is now optional and found in your Account area. We have made several improvements to the experience of creating a new Resident account and getting started on the site.

Closed Properties Notices

You can now report a property as Closed using the Report feature! If we receive enough reports from the community that a property has closed, we will update the profile with a red notice so you can keep looking if a property is no longer an option.

Report inaccurate information to us so we can get it fixed!

Sober Living Home Environments

We have added the Environments data back to our platform so we can more adequately communicate the difference between different sober living home options. Here are a few that we are starting with and providing detailed explanations for:

  • Cash Pay
  • Treatment Affiliated
  • Government Funded

This one piece of additional information can save you a ton of time when looking for a sober living home that suits you.

Full Changelog


  • Closed property notices
  • Environment data (cash pay, treatment affiliated, etc.) added
  • Added filtering to Search Results page
  • “About Me” field for User Profiles


  • Operators can update property details in a single form and save all changes at once
  • Renamed “Edit Details” button for editing property information to “Edit Page”
  • Moved “Edit Page” button next to property name
  • Replaced full addresses on property listings with region/location
  • Replaced full phone numbers on property pages with “Call Now” buttons
  • Improved Resident account creation UX
  • Improved Operator account creation UX
  • Reduced footprint of Open Beta version number


  • Property website URLs were not displayed correctly
  • Blog posts occasionally displayed incorrectly
  • Search results pagination occasionally did not work


  • Filter indexes removed in some places
  • User verification requirement
  • Sober Living History user profile field. This was unused, we’ll replace it with something else in the future.


SLR Development

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