Beta v0.4

SLR Open Beta v0.3.3.1 Maintenance Update

Howdy! We are doing a little bit of maintenance, so we’re just going to get to the details. Here’s what we changed:

  • Fixed password reset emails not sending
  • Fixed the logout link
  • Fixed missing reviews in My Account > My Reviews
  • Resident My Account search now includes Unclaimed properties
  • Improved visibility of logout option on My Account & Site Header
  • Improved styling of Reviews section & fields
  • Improved Locations links appearance
  • Added number rating over stars in the Reviews section
  • Show notice when you have already submitted a review
  • Show notice when your review is awaiting approval from moderators
  • Temporarily disable User Photo Upload feature to address issues
  • Temporarily revert to previous form versions to address issues


SLR Development

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