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SLR Open Beta v0.3.2 Update

Ready for another update?

As you all know, is constantly changing. Our goal to build the most helpful public resource for residents to find the safest sober place to live is guiding our decisions, and we have several to tell you about for this update!

The new Locations page and data structure allows you to start your search directly in your area. Just scroll down to your state, county, city, or neighborhood, click the name, and you’re looking at local sober livings immediately!

Introducing the new Location Search feature!

Introducing User Photo Uploads for Properties

Up until now, only Operators could provide images for their properties. Now, in addition to reviewing a property, you can add photos so others can see what the location actually looks like with no filter. To add a new photo (up to 3), just login to your Verified Resident account and select the + Add User Photos button to start uploading!

Login to your Verified Resident account to upload user photos to properties!

Reporting Inaccurate Information on a Property Listing

You are now able to report inaccurate, incomplete, or inappropriate content on a property listing. Whether the information is wrong, a review is wrong or inappropriate, or anything else needs to be corrected on a listing, you can use the Report button found at the bottom of property listing pages to notify our moderators of an issue

Report inaccurate information to us so we can get it fixed!

Design Changes

We are going with a lighter design language to help with readability and comprehension of our content. Several elements have been updated to reflect the new look and feel, including: site header, site footer, home page, property listing pages, and directory pages. Details about specific changes can be found below in the release notes section. Here’s the difference between the previous homepage and the updated homepage!

Wording Changes

We have replaced the words “gallery”, “image”, and “images” with “photos”. We have also clarified labels for the Primary Photo and the Operator Photos. Images uploaded by users will be referred to as User Photos.

We have modified the Property Edit process to say “Save Changes” instead of “Update Info” or “Update Contact Info”.

Address Privacy

We will no longer provide address privacy or hidden addresses on our directory. After much deliberation, we have decided that the benefits of having publicly available addresses listed on our site outweighed the potential risks of allowing operators to hide that information. So, from now on, all addresses we have available for listed properties will be visible in our directory. Operators will only be able to remove addresses by changing their property’s Operational Status to Closed Down.

Bed Availability

Another tough decision was the removal of the Bed Availability feature for Claimed properties. We hoped that this feature would drive more engagement by operators, but we’ve repositioned and will no longer be providing this feature on Claimed properties.

Unverified Residents Can Now Review

We have decided to increase the number of users that can review by removing the requirement to verify to review a property. You will still need to verify your account to upload photos. We will be expanding the capabilities of the Unverified Resident account type as we add more features!

Full Changelog


  • New user photo uploads feature
  • New location data structure
  • Added new property report feature
  • Added new property update logging feature
  • Added new Location page
  • Reintroduced property operational status (Operational, Closed Down, etc.)
  • State list shown in Account area is now linked to Location archive for that state
  • Added prompt to add a property if no results are found for search/filters


  • Reduce footer subscribe section footprint
  • Reduce footer subscribe popup footprint
  • Updated design of property profile pages
    • Change “Gallery” to “Photos”
    • Change “Update Property” buttons to “Save Changes”
    • Modified the claimed/unclaimed indicators and messaging
  • Updated design of property listing cards
  • Updated design of property edit interface
    • Change “Listing Image” label to “Primary Photo” so it is clear what the image is used for
  • Updated design of site header
  • Updated design of account area
  • Updated design of blog posts
  • Updated the site logo
  • Updated design of home page
    • Moved search bar from navigation area to home page
  • Moved property directory filters to fly-in screen instead of dropdown
  • Only PRO properties can provide real-time availability listings now
  • Unverified Resident accounts can now review properties
  • Update to clearer language around “images/photos/gallery” for property listings


  • Rating stars were not always accurately displayed
  • Login/Register flow was not working in some places


  • Address privacy/hiding removed
  • Disabled bed availability for Claimed properties (Feature is now PRO Only)
  • Interactive maps on each property profile page removed and replaced with Get Directions button


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