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Can I contact people who review my sober living?

It is against our Privacy Policy to share a reviewer’s information. operates with usernames upon registration to provide anonymity. You can publicly respond to reviews for your Sober Living after you claim it.

How does prevent fake reviews?

The 4 methods we use to prevent fake reviews are:

  1. Every user wishing to write a review must register as a Resident. 
  2. Every submitted review, comment, and response is screened by our Moderators to ensure adherence to our Content Guidelines before it is published.
  3. Every Resident can respond to other reviews. 
  4. Sober Living Operators are encouraged to publicly respond to their reviews.

We are continually developing processes and tools to enhance our review process.

Can sober livings offer people incentives for reviews?


Operators are welcome to encourage past and current residents to write a review.

However, no incentives, discounts, threats, upgrades, or special treatment on current or future stays can be made in exchange for biased reviews.

If is notified that a Sober Living has violated this guideline, our Content Integrity team will conduct an investigation. If the investigation deems the allegation true, our Administrators will use a Consumer Alert on the Sober Living’s Web Page to notify our visitors.

Is it free to add a sober living?

Yep! Since a comprehensive sober living database doesn’t exist, we welcome every sober living to be added to SLR. Whether you operate a sober living, live in one, or just know about one, we encourage you to add it to our database. Even it’s closed down, we want it added to the Site because that is valuable information for our users.

Unclaimed Sober Livings can still be reviewed by our community.

Is it free to claim a sober living?

Yep! Any operator can claim they’re sober living for free. 

Who can edit, change, or update information on a sober living's listing and corresponding webpage?

When a sober living is added to, its default listing type is “Unclaimed” – the only information available for it is what the community reports.

Unclaimed sober livings can still be reviewed by our users.

The sober living can be claimed by the Operator.

Once claimed, the Operator has sole control over editing/updating the information on that Sober Living’s listing and webpage.

How do you vet sober livings on

We’re an online review platform that helps people be aware of sober living homes by providing user-generated ratings and reviews. has no opinion on sober living homes. 

We have 3 ways to ensure accurate details about sober living homes:

  1. Every user wishing to claim a Sober Living must register as an Operator. 
  2. In order to claim a Sober Living, the Operator must include a redacted copy of a utility bill for that property. The address on the utility bill must match the address for the Sober Living listing they are claiming.
  3. Once a Sober Living has been claimed by an Operator, it cannot be edited by someone else.

We are continually developing processes and tools to enhance our claiming process.

What if a review breaks the anonymity of a manager or staff that wishes to remain anonymous?

Every review is screened by our Moderators before it is published to ensure no individual names are used.

What if I get threatened with a bad review? does not referee disputes nor do we own any user’s content. If a review follows our Content Guidelines, it is published.

Sober Living Operators are encouraged to respond to their reviews.


Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

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