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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure complete anonymity, create a new email address to register with Do not reveal any personally identifiable information in your username or in your review content. This will allow your identity to remain 100% anonymous as it is against our Privacy Policy to share our user’s information.

Sharing your experience could mean the difference between life and death for someone.

If something illegal happened at a sober living home, we suggest you call the police.

It is against our Privacy Policy to share our users’s email address (or any other information). Other users (including the Operator) will be able to respond publicly to your review on SLR operates with usernames upon registration to ensure anonymity. You may remain completely anonymous unless you post identifiable information in your review or on your user profile.

A sober living home offers consumers a place to live in exchange for payment. In the same way you would write a review of a restaurant you love (or hate), we believe the same should be done for sober living homes. Especially since a sober living home is far more impacting on a person’s life than a restaurant.

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We let the users in our online community do the vetting through ratings and reviews.

We know everyone will not always agree. That is why we allow users to respond to each other’s reviews. The more of a conversation there is, the more helpful it will be for people. provides anyone with an opinion on a sober living home a safe place to participate in a public conversation for the purpose of helping others.

We give our users with sensitive content the option to stay anonymous, but unfortunately some people will use this to write dishonest reviews.

Here are 4 methods to know which reviews are credible:

  1. Responses: Any review can be responded to by any user. This facilitates a public conversation and gives our helpful community of users the ability to call out any unscrupulous behavior.
  2. Personalized user profiles: The most credible reviews will be from users that tell us about themselves in their user profile.
  3. Registered as reviewers: Only those users registered as reviewers can write reviews. This prevents Operators or Guests from writing fake reviews.
  4. Rich content: You can usually tell which reviews are real and which ones are fake simply by reading them. Real reviews share a story, provide detail, and feel genuine. Fake reviews are usually vague and only 1-2 sentences long.


We are continually developing processes and tools to enhance our review process. If you feel a review is fake or needs to be looked at by our Moderators, use the “Report” button on the sober living’s listing.

Sober living profiles that are claimed by the Operator will have a “Claimed” or “Sponsored” notification near the name of the sober living. These sober living profiles are edited by the Operator only. This ensures accurate information.

Unclaimed sober livings have not been claimed by the Operator yet, so to be as helpful as possible, our community does its best to provide information to each other as accurately as possible.

If you see inaccurate information on an Unclaimed sober living listing, feel free to update it directly or use the “Report” button located on the listing to tell our Moderators to check it out.

Every sober living listing on has a “Report” feature where are community can let our Moderators know to take a look at review. See our Content Guidelines before you report a review.

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