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Our Story

by Sonny S.

I like knowing about trustworthy sober living homes to recommend to people. Since government regulation for sober living homes in the USA doesn’t exist, we hear a lot of stories about sober living homes that aren’t a sober environment; or sexual harassment takes place; or people get taken advantage of financially. I knew more recommendable options were available, I just didn’t know who or where they were. That’s why I created a platform for people to rate sober living homes. The ethos behind SLR is simple: we’re an online community of users who believe in fostering a public conversation about sober living homes, so people can find the place that’s right for them.

Personal experience has taught me that there’s a severe shop-ability problem for people looking for sober housing, particularly cash-pay housing. Not because great sober livings don’t exist, but because most people are just unaware of them. 

At the end of the day, the right environment starts with communication and relationship building. SLR is about creating awareness through informing and connecting people with the right sober living, so that this relationship can be developed.

We’re not sponsored by or affiliated with, nor do we represent any 12-step program, sober living home, drug treatment center, or brokering service. We’re simply a free resource for people looking for sober housing. 

Creating a resource for the community is a great thing, but it could never have happened without the passionate individuals who write reviews, and the sober living operators who were confident enough to provide information for our visitors to use as a resource. Thank you all so much for seeing the importance of SLR’s mission.

After helping numerous people find sober housing, I’ve learned everybody has their own unique set of circumstances when looking for a sober living community. And each sober living is uniquely positioned to cater to some circumstances and not others. So there is no objectively “good” or “bad” sober living because what is right for one individual, may not be right for another – it comes down to one’s own personal opinion.

SLR is the only neutral platform where an open, honest, and public discussion about every sober living can take place; where sober living operators can display all the information necessary to let the right people qualify themselves before contacting a sober living home – saving everyone time and hassle.

For the folks out there providing people with a sober place to live – whatever individuals you’re looking to serve, we hope you see the value of displaying information about your recovery residence on our platform. And for those looking for a sober living, our prayer is that SLR eliminates the hassle for you to be connected with the home that is best suited for you.


Good luck,

Sonny S.

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