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Sober Living – The Best Way To Find The Right Place

Sober living homes are drug and alcohol free environments that offer clean, safe housing with like-minded people to provide peer support and fellowship.

As with any fragmented industry, not every Sober Living is created equal. Therefore, you should not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach when looking for a new Sober Living. is a free resource to help people in need of a Sober Living Home in three ways:

1. Access more options

We live in the information age where the customer has access to everything he/she needs to know before they make a purchase decision. Yet despite online resources, people are still moving into whatever Sober Living has an open bed without knowing if it is the best option for them.

“ has 55 Claimed Sober Livings in the San Fernando Valley alone for you to access every option.”

The issue here is that there are a lot more Sober Living options available than most people are aware of, especially here in the San Fernando Valley. has 55 Claimed Sober Livings in the San Fernando Valley alone for you to access every option.

2. Get all the details you need

Every claimed Sober Living Home on has specific details provided solely by the Operator. We believe in giving people all the information they need before they invest time in contacting a Sober Living. 

Here is a list of the details you can know about the different Sober Livings on

  • Location
  • Men’s, Women’s, or Co-Ed
  • Are pets, children, or couples allowed?
  • Are the rooms shared or private?
  • What size are the beds? Are they all bunk beds?
  • How much is it? Do they take weekly or bi-weekly payments?
  • Contact the Operator directly from their listing

3. Community reviews and a public conversation

The biggest factor in deciding which Sober Living Home to move into is trusting that it is a safe and sober environment that will not take advantage of your situation.  

Sober living communities on SLR voluntarily claim their property because they know they are the best and most reputable homes available. Without them, our community would be at a severe disadvantage. This is why facilitates an open, public conversation with operators and anonymous residents who can write and respond to reviews from each other.

Find the right Sober House with the click of a button.

Choosing the right Sober Living is critical to long term sobriety. Doing your due diligence to ensure that your decision is the right one is essential to avoid costly and potentially fatal consequences.

Sober Livings are usually chosen because a bed opened up. That ends today. Are you ready to streamline your search for a Sober Living? Visit to see how our free online resource can help you find the right place to live instantly.



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